Mystery Shopping

We provide a variety of customized mystery shopping services

What is Mystery Shopping?

The Mystery Shopper technique is a research service whereby the researcher assumes the role of a customer in order to experience first hand what a customer would experience. In service industries where customer service is paramount, such as banking, airlines, fast food, government departments etc, this is a particularly useful research method. In this role, the researcher can see what staff do, what they say and how they react to the customer in different situations rather than relying on feedback from customers or staff as they would with other research methods.

When should it be used?

  • To be used to evaluate customer service in a range of different industries where customer facing is important.
  • To be used to evaluate the whole customer experience in terms of customer service, environment, facilities, accessibility, queues, length of visit etc.

Our Offering

Our mystery shopping services are credited with the due importance in assessing client customer service standards and extend beyond simple factual observations. Our techniques allow us to replicate fully the spectrum of real-life consumer-client contact, and are based on:

  • Complex scenario settings
  • Mystery shopper demographic profile variations
  • Mystery shopper psychographic profile variations
  • Needs based mystery shopper differentiations
  • Purchasing stage mystery shopper scenarios
  • Current Customer scenarios
  • Exit stage customer scenarios
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