Specialists in Marketing Research, Strategy Consulting and Training services

We Offer our  Services in 3 Core Areas

  • Marketing Research
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Training

While each of the services are also offered as ‘stand-alone’, LV can ensure a continuum in the information analysis and utilization process through offering integrated programs of Market Research Information, Strategy Building and Training effectively bridging the gap between the primary analytical unit of grass-root market information and strategy implementation.

Our Marketing Research Services at a Glance

Research Services Based on the Nature of Business

  • Consumer research
  • Business-to-business research

Research Services based on the Nature of Research

  • Qualitative - Focus group discussions using in-house, one way mirror facilities and experienced moderators; In-depth interviews with business people
  • Quantitative - Face-to-face quantitative interviews, carried out at respondents’ places of work (males) and places of residence (females)
  • Desk Research - From secondary sources including government statistics, journals, magazines and industry research reports where available.
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