About Us

We are Libya's Leading Market research Company with a global outlook

Libyan Vision is a leading marketing research and consultancy firm based in Libya. The company was founded initially in 2004 as Akakus and was re-branded in 2007 as Libyan Vision. We are the sole subcontractors for Neilson for RMS services since 2006.

LV is committed to providing high quality, knowledge building consultancy and research information and analysis, to private and public sector clients, assisting towards greater business success.

LV is Founded on Two Core Elements

  • The belief that market information which is collected and analyzed through scientific-based research activities is a vital ingredient in the formulation and implementing of market, business or public sector strategy.
  • The belief that market information and analysis can contribute towards business success much more effectively when it is interpreted in the wider context of market and business strategy, alignment of the internal client environment with the external customer and industry environment, as well as within the wider economic environment.

The key in ensuring the highest quality of services is a total dedication to professional integrity, commitment to real partnership and application of professional methods and standards. Central to understanding and translating information into effective knowledge building and strategy formulations is the human element. In this respect, LV is committed to providing its services through highly qualified internal and external professionals who are fully aligned with market and client needs.

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